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“I wish a world where everyone can experience a moment of art. Help us !”
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Pop Art tpp mon monkey in my brain 01

Battle field

A Mon collection, a Japanese symbol used by aristocracy on the battlefield. Hence the name of this beautiful exhibition of the great Tampopo


Not Stephan

Pop Art Fleurs en vrac 1 240120 2

12 insomniac flowers

Not Stephan produces incredible flowers every night. We present here twelve, but they are hundreds. Wait a little and you will see a thousand.

Here she is



Wood story !

Charlotte.B is a great street artist. She has a magical way to capture a look. Look at her !

Here she is

Nanou Gribouille

Pop Art camedetail

Pas bête !

Walk in a childish paradise. Maybe Nanou is the hide sister of Lewis Caroll, who knows ?

Here he is

Remi Trévisiol

Pop Art TentationDetail

On the wood for love

Incredible artworks on used wood, Remi is a very inventive artist.

Here sHe Is


Pop Art DetailKarl

Why Not

A collection of colored lines: the permanent exhibition of Maddy

Here He Is

Jean Sebastien Plaut

Pop Art LaFemmeEstComicsDetail

la femme est comics !

Jean-Sébastien Plaut is a woman’s addict, a subversive true feminist.

Est laid dans l’art ce qui est faux, ce qui est artificiel, ce qui cherche à être joli ou beau au lieu d’être expressif, ce qui est mièvre et précieux, ce qui se manière sans raison, tout ce qui est sans âme et sans vérité, tout ce qui ment.

Auguste Rodin

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